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Runningman Home Inventory Database  v.

Runningman Home Inventory Database is released to be a proper and innovative tool which allows you to organize your household assets in an easy-to-use database.Major

Easy Auto Database  v.1.0

Easy Auto Database(ez-auto-db) is a easy to use database for cars written in PHP and MySQL. It is designed to be used to keep track of a large amount of cars for a wrecker service. It is currently in pre-alpha stage which means it is not feature comp

MultiZite Movie Database - MMDb  v.1.0

MultiZite Movie Database - MMD Movie inventory for the masses. MMD is an easy to use, database driven, movie inventory database.It uses SQL Server 2005 Express edition as backend. It's developed in full in Visual Studio.Net/VB.Net

SFST Field Arrest Log for HanDBase  v.1.0

Log of all field contacts during which you administered Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs). This is a very easy to use database. Logging all contacts during which you administered the SFSTs can allow you to testify, if you ever need to, that

DBConvert  v.5.1

DBConvert is a handy, easy-to-use database x-converter application. The application is designed to be able to convert a JFile3, JFile4, JFile5+, List, MobileDB, Pilot-DB, DBase3, DBase4, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro database, Microsoft Access, Microsoft

Py2db  v.Beta

py2db is a tool that has been designed in order to use database objects as Python objects. py2db lets you get the best of both worlds by converting database objects into Python objects. Your application can then use these Python objects any way it

ODE Project  v.

ODE is an easy to use database development and administration tool for any database. It helps developers and database administrators get the job done quickly and

SWD Guest Book  v.3.0

SWD Guest Book Pro is an interface friendly and easy to use database driven (MS Access 2000 - 2003) ASP application. Using MS Front Page project that you have, SWD Guest Book Pro seamlessly integrates into it. Features include everything you have

SqlDbx Personal Edition  v.3.26.1

SqlDbx is a fast and easy to use database SQL development IDE for database administrators and application or database developers who work in heterogeneous Database Server environments. SqlDbx built around an advanced SQL Editor and Database Object

FileMaker Pro for Mac OS  v.11.0

The worlds leading easy-to-use database application for one simple reason - it helps anyone with any type of task get things done faster. And it doesnt matter if youre a Mac or Windows user - you can create and share information with each other

Chalran Application Framework  v.2.0.7

Framework to develop J2EE applications rapidly and easily.Allows to define applications just with DB-Schema Creation. Generate applications. caf-dbmanager,built on jdbc to provide ease of use database access use SQL-Parser outside in the form of

FORAN  v.1.0

FORAN is an easy to use database webfrontend based on JSP, JAVA and Tomcat.It supports (mor or less ;) ) ORACLE, SAP-DB

Sifobo Enterprise Manager  v.1.0

Sifobo Enterprise Manager is an 'easy-to-use' Database Backup Management tool designed for effective database maintenance. For more details visit

Lang Power  v.1.0

Lang Power is a multilanguage dictionary written in J2EE. It can translate words from one language to another. It use database to storage words.

MozNews - Spreading the News of Mozilla  v.1.0

The MozNews project intends to gather information, tutorials and links about Mozilla and store them in a easy to use database. We also try to raise awareness of Mozilla through various companies and in participation with Mozilla and

Lmdb  v.b

Java lightweight database abstraction layer,built on jdbc to provide ease of use database access. Consentrate on implementing logic without having to think about opening /closing connections,manage connection pools etc which is handled behind the scenes.

SPX-Asynchronous Solutions  v.alpha1

SPX-AS(SQL-PHP-XML based Asynchronous Solutions) is an Action Script 2.0 & JavaScript Framework for the development of Flash/AJAX WEB Applications that use DataBase Access, user Session control, etc.

Mobile DataBase  v.1.25

FREE database of mobile (cellular) phones. Phones characteristics, photos, compare tables. 26 brands. 717 phone models.

Virtual Moon Atlas  v.4.0

Software for Moon observation and survey. Let you visualize the real Moon aspect at every time. Also help to study any lunar formations using feature database and pictures library. Software using Open GL Full 3D Moon globeand Goto mounts driving,

Hostal for Mac OS  v.1.4.5

User friendly DNS database software for novices and advanced users. Allows local IP address mapping by creating a Hosts file for your computer. Local IP mapping can help speed up web surfing, and allows content filtering and privacy protection by

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